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A natural room diffuser containing nine red spheres made from Korean soil, Encased in a pinewood box, the spheres softly diffuse the applied oil's fragrance while helping to purify the air and balance the room's humidity. St Pauls, FRAMA's signature fragrance, a delicate essence and distinctive freshness that embodies the apitome of FRAMA. A pure and redefined celebration of the beauty and simplcity of nature.


• Handcrafted with natural and fully biodegradable materials
• Key notes: Lemongrass, Coriander, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, in a herbal, spicy, and woody aroma

Material & Care

• From Soil to Form comes with a St Pauls Essential Oil Dropper 10ml as a home fragrance • Suggest closing the wooden lid after each use to preserve the product's quality and enclose the scent within the soil

In The Box

• Nine red spheres made of Korea soil
• Comes in pinewood box
• Apply a maximum of 5 drops of oil to the spheres in each use

Shipping & Return

• Free delivery in Hong Kong
• Estimated delivery within 1-3 days