Scandinavian. Sustainability. Style.


We dedicate to bring to you our unique taste and perspectives of fashion & lifestyle from the Nordic & Scandinavia, and also the Nordic & Scandinavian-inspired.


Sustainability for us is a value. It is also a choice of position, a sensible progression, and a perpetual process.

Today, we are proud to present our curated collection with a large part designed for a timeless purpose, and are made of natural, organic, recycled, and regenerated materials.  We collaborate with individuals and brands sharing high information transparency, with high commitment to mindful consumption, a holistic approach from idea formation to design and production, and high respect for others, from workers in the manufacturing process to a diversity of end customers of local and abroad.

Since our first store in 2011, in the vanguard of Scandinavian and Nordic fashion & lifestyle direction, we made our mark by opening our doors with a few of the most credible, and sustainable forerunners, including Swedish Hasbeens, and Filippa K.  We carry on our relentless journey in seeking soulful brands and selecting stylish designs that fulfill sustainability in every way possible, with our devotion uninterrupted by trends.  

We look forward to having you taking home the selections that are inspiring and meaningful to you, that can elevate your senses and confidence.  To complete the cycle - when you are ready to let go, we hope you would be happy to circulate by sharing, re-purpose, up-cycle, re-sale, or donate, ensure the least environmental impact.

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We believe anything that is rare or difficult to come by constitutes a new form of luxury. Not only in a material sense, but as it relates to qualities from grace, taste, and peace of mind.

Vein is here to introduce laid-back luxe and offer these rare-to-finds.